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Hello, and welcome to teamdecoder

This webinar will help you discover and navigate teamdecoder, it will guide you through the firsts steps to get onboard and use teamdecoder as an admin or a governance moderator.

We wish you a great learning experience! 

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Thank you very much for using teamdecoder. We are excited to have you as a partner on this mission to make work organisation easy and transparent for everyone. 

Kai & team.


Every chapter has a link to a website, to an article in our Knowledge Base or to a YouTube video. They are specially curated to be presented in the best combination for first-time users.


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PS: teamdecoder was called "mytpt" in the beginning, you might still find that name here and there ;) Also our app design is changing, whenever we learn how to improve we do so, so it may happen that the screenshots presented in here are not always 100% the same than what you see.