#10 Reports

One of teamdecoder's goals is to create transparency and give every team member the clarity of what is expected from them and in what role -- at every stage of the change or transformation process.

In order to make this visible, teamdecoder features a report page on each person in the people list.
Only the admin and the person can see that report.

A report page shows all the items (skills, roles, domains, links, circles, projects, mentor and mentees) that have been attributed to this specific person. They can then click on each item to see purpose and tasks, they can check who else is in there (for instance, another owner of the same role, or a member of the same circle).

In other terms, this report is a job profile of the person, a collection of all their skills. 

A report might look like this:

Also, every team member can get a link to their personal page on the www.mytpt.work homepage, by clicking on Report or directly on this link https://mytpt.work/request-report/

Here is a video about reports in mytpt:

Read more details in this knowledge base article.